The Saudi government has directed all passengers coming from overseas to deposit the rials and coins in the banks immediately. The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority SAMA has said that the Corona virus can be transmitted to all the commodities we exchange in our daily life, including currency notes and coins, so caution should be exercised in using them. Be saved.
SAMA has asked local citizens and foreigners who have arrived in Saudi Arabia from abroad to submit their currency notes and coins to local banks at the first opportunity. SAMA also issued further instructions that be careful about the use of doors and vehicle handles, market-only items, airports and public places as all of them can transmit the virus.

Saudi Arabia has confirmed 24 new Corona virus patients, 21 of whom are Egyptian immigrants and a 12-year-old girl. The Saudi Broadcasting Agency has quoted the Saudi Ministry of Health as saying "in Saudi Arabia after the discovery of new patients. Corona patients have increased to 45. The health ministry says that 'one of the new patients is male and one female citizen who has returned from Iraq.
The third patient is a 12-year-old Saudi girl who has transmitted the virus in connection with her grandfather in Qatif, the ministry said. Now SAMA appealed to all citizens and foreigners to be very careful in every matter of daily use. Arrange a lot of personal hygiene tactics. Focus on protecting yourself from the Corona virus. Keep your hands clean with soap and water. Contact the concerned medical institution as soon as you notice the symptoms of the influenza.

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