US President Donald Trump, using his presidential powers, has announced the implementation of the National Emergency in the country. The US president has announced a national emergency in view of the growing prevalence of the Corona virus in the country, but the US president will be able to release special funds to prevent the spread of the epidemic under presidential powers during an emergency.

President Bill Clinton had a national emergency in place to stop the spread of the West Nile virus in 2000, before President Trump. Sutterdump contacted French counterpart Emmanuel Macron and tweeted the French president about the outbreak. Has agreed to work together to co-ordinate and address the economic crisis in research efforts related to vaccine preparation and treatment.
In Washington, President Trump is under increasing pressure to consult with governors and mayors of states on measures to reduce nationwide outreach, close schools and cancel public events. Announcing a national emergency will allow the government to use additional resources to cope with the virus and is also a sign of a turning point for the president, who repeatedly identified the Corona virus as a seasonal flu and insisted that he The administration is controlling the epidemic.
The US stock is also facing the worst conditions since 1987, after which the Trump administration instructed the Federal Reserve to buy $ 37 billion worth of bonds to support the market. The US House of Representatives (Congress) and the US Supreme Court Official Dr. Brian Monahan has warned that the new nasal corona virus in the United States could affect 7 million to 15 million people with the disease, cod 19.
According to the US Broadcasting Agency, Dr. Brian said this in a closed-door meeting at the Senate, which did not include the senators, but was attended by executive staff and members of both parties. The World Health Organization announced the Corona virus on March 11. The global outbreak, which has spread to 114 countries so far, has affected more than one lakh 37 thousand people and killed more than 5,000, while the number of healthy people is more than 69 thousand. 1701 cases have been confirmed, of which 40 patients have died and 12 have recovered. The virus has spread to at least 36 states in the United States. And epidemiologists say that so far the virus appears threatening more contagious and life than seasonal flu because the mortality rate if one percent is required, it will be fatal 10 times more lives than the flu.
During the meeting of the US Congress's Oversight and Reform Committee, Dr. Anthony Fucci, director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, said that the situation in the United States is still going to get worse with the Corona virus. "We will see more cases and the situation will get worse than it is now," he said during a TV interview, adding that the impact of everyday life is something he experienced during his 36-year employment in the United States. He never said that during this period we faced many challenges, The HIV AIDS crisis in the 1980s and the global outbreak of swine flu in 2009, but we have never seen such an outbreak in everyday life, but we have never encountered a situation like this before. The Trump administration has announced various steps to improve it, following criticism of the slow pace of tests for suspected Corona virus cases in the United States. The number of Corona virus patients has increased from 590 to 798 in the last 24 hours in Britain. Ten people have been killed by the Corona virus in the UK.
According to the Ministry of Health, 32771 people have been tested in the UK, of which 789 have been confirmed with the virus. The Premier League football matches have been postponed to 3 April in the UK.
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