We touch our nose, eyes and mouth several times a day, and we do not even notice the potential harm from this process.

Corona virus pandemics are rampant around the world, and experts are constantly urging them to clean hands and keep them out of the face.

According to a foreign news agency, a 2008 survey of the office environment found that an average person touches his face 16 times an hour.

A 2015 study by an Australian university revealed that medical students spend an average of 23 times an hour on their face, including mouth, nose and eyes. These parts of the face are the easiest way to enter the body of any virus or germ.

It was also revealed that professors in the field who seek more information than the general public in this regard could not get rid of this habit. Research has shown that medical professors also face on average 19 times in two hours.

Dr. Alex Dimitri, a California-based psychiatrist, says that during work, people are accustomed to various movements such as bruising, playing with hair, and touching the face. We do this randomly while at an office meeting, over the phone, or at work.

Experts say that to get rid of this habit and to be safe from harm, first hand washing should be done. Handwashing will also have the benefit of washing hands for at least 20 seconds.

To wash your hands first, apply soap or liquid soup for at least 20 seconds. Wash hands after applying soap on the back of the hands, the middle space of the fingers, the thumb and the palms. Then wash your hands and dry.

Psychologists say that one should keep hands busy while watching television or doing some work to relieve the habit of touching the face repeatedly. A spongeball or hand exercise machine can also be useful.

Similarly, a scented soap or sanitizer can also be used to wash hands so that you are aware of its aroma as soon as the hands come closer to the face.
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